Tacfit 03/21/2018

Five Lakes CF Kids at New Species, Five Lakes CrossFit – TACFIT

Clubbell Mills Warmup (No Measure)

– Cat / Cow

– Shoulder Circles

– Backstroke

– Hitchhiker

– Elbow Platter Circles

– Walking Seal

Clubbell Strength 4 (AMRAP – Rounds)

30/30 x 4

All exercises use two-hand grip, moderately heavy Clubbell

– Revolving Side Pendulum (Half Hammer) – Clubbell starts in Guard. Rotate torso away, push Clubbell to begin swing, follow rotation and pull Clubbell into Guard to start over. Clubbell always returns to the same side.

– Flag Press Squatting Down

– Alternating Shield Cast

– Clockwork Squat

Clubbell Mills Compensation (No Measure)

– Twisted Lunge

– Arm Thread

– Arm Screw Tripod

– Seal

– Bulldog