Tacfit 07/13/2018


Welcome to HERO Month!
We will be honoring a different fallen service member/s each day. By telling their stories, and completing a workout in their name, we strive in some small way to honor their sacrifice. If you log 15 or more of the workouts, you will get emailed a link to an exclusive “hero month” t-shirt ot tank. All proceeds will be going to the Navy Seal Foundation, so help us get the word out on your social media each time you are able to honor a hero by completing a workout.

Five Lakes CrossFit – TACFIT

Delta Warmup (No Measure)

Rocking Shin Lunge

Hollow Body Crunch

Frog Leg Swim

Windshield Wiper

TACFIT Delta Prep (AMRAP – Reps)

30/30 Format, 5 rounds

– Walking Lunge – to fully upright with both feet flat on floor, between each step

– Wall-Braced Basic Spinal Rock (lying on back, feet braced on wall about waist high, extend hips to nearly vertical, protecting neck and head)

– Alternating Low Dragon (right foot 15 seconds, left foot 15 seconds, transition through plank in between)

– V-Ups

Delta Compensation (No Measure)

Shin Lunge Hold, both sides

Shoulder Bridge Hold

Wind Removing

Seated Spinal Twist, both sides