Tacfit 08/08/2018

Five Lakes CrossFit – TACFIT

Clubbell Mobility 3 (No Measure)

– Alternating Up/Down Dog

– Torso Rotation

– Sabre Fist

– Gear Up

– Walking Seal

Clubbell Strength 1 (AMRAP – Rounds)

30/30 x 4

Will need two light Clubbells for one-hand work, one heavier Clubbell for two-hand work

– One-Hand Clean to Guard (alternate each round)

– Alternating Flag Cast (Drumming Cast – Clubbell in each hand)

– Iron Cross (Side Cast – Clubbell in each hand)

– Seated Two-Hand Crowbar (Clubbell starts resting on shoulder, to Flag Cast)

Compensation (No Measure)

Foundation Training

Down Dog

Up Dog

Laying Twist