Tacfit 11/06/2018

Five Lakes CrossFit – TACFIT

We will do 6 rounds, instead of 5. For squats and planks, the focus is on building core strength through isometric tension. If your core is strong enough already, talk to your coach about scaling options.

TACFIT Uniform Warmup (No Measure)

Shinbox Switch

Windshield Wipers

Inside Shoulder Circle

Hindu Pushup

Uniform Regressions (AMRAP – Rounds)

30/30 x 5

– Squat with 10 second hold at the bottom (i.e. 3 squats per round)

– Rings plank hold – from toes, try for 30 seconds

– Clubbell Front Pendulum – touch shoulder gently between reps

TACFIT Uniform Compensation (No Measure)



Upward Facing Dog