Tacfit 11/08/2018

Five Lakes CrossFit – TACFIT

Strength Day!! If you are advanced with these lifts, you could modify to alternating shoulder presses and alternating rows. In either version you also have the option of holding the non-working arm under tension (biceps burner) or extension (core challenge).

Mobility A (No Measure)


Prayer Plyo

Twisting Lunge

Leg Swing

Hip Hurdler

6DB4+ (AMRAP – Reps)

30/30 format, 5 rounds

Rear Lunge – 2 dumbbells

Push Press – 1 dumbbell, switch at 15 seconds

Squat – 2 dumbbells

Bent Row – 1 dumbbell, switch at 15 seconds

Compensation A (No Measure)

Downward Facing Dog

Upward Facing Dog

Forearm Frog Hold

Twisted Lunge

Drill-Bit Hold

Seal Hold