Five Lakes CrossFit – CrossFit


Front/Back Squat Warm Up (No Measure)

15 Air Squats w/ band + 2s hold in bottom

10 Twisting Lunges

10 Quadruped Extension/Rotation (each side)

20s per side Spiderman Lunge hold

10 Back or Front Squats w/ Barbell

20-30sec Front Rack Mobilization or Back Squat Hold


Back Squat (1RM)

Build to a heavy set of 1.

Athletes: Mechanics, then consistency, then load. Make sure your squat is solid in positioning before adding load.


CrossFit Games Open 17.5 (Time)

10 rounds for time of:

9 thrusters 95# / 65#

35 double-unders

*40 minute time cap
Scale to complete in less than 20 minutes

CrossFit Games Open 17.5 Scaled (Time)

10 rounds for time of:

9 thrusters 65# / 45#

35 single-unders

*40 minute time cap
scale to complete in 20 minutes or less



Down Dog/Up Dog

Laying Twist

Couch Stretch