Five Lakes CrossFit – CrossFit


2 rounds

10 PVC pass thrus

1 lap Crawl like a bear! (cuz bear complex!)

20 lateral hops

5 med ball over the shoulder –> 5 ball slams

10 med ball bear hug air squats


Metcon (Weight)

Buy In:

Every player completes 100 Double unders (may work at the same time). Then:

Team “Gwen” (teams of 3)

15-12-9 Clean and Jerk

Buy out:

Every player completes 100 jumping jacks (may work at the same time).

Record total Time in Notes.
Each player completes an unbroken set of 15 C/J (one person at a time), then 12, then 9.

Weights can be changed as needed for different players but individual players must use the same weight for each set.

If a player is unable to complete a set unbroken (no reset on the floor), the whole team must to 12 burpees before the team can continue.