Five Lakes CrossFit – CrossFit


8am Weightlifting Class

Warm Up Front Rack and Squat.

A: Two Position Clean & Jerk

Hi Hang, Hang, then Jerk

3×1@75%, 3×1@80%, 2×1 @85%, then 2 attempts to build heavier

B: 3×3 Halting Clean Pull @100-110%

Pause for 3 seconds 2 inches off floor, and at the knee. Finish pull with speed

C: 10-10-10 Front Squat

3 challenging sets (between 65-80%, maybe more). May build in weight. No misses.

D: 10-10-10 Push Press

Same instructions as front squat


shoulder circles

inch worms

Samson stretch

HIgh knees

Butt kickers

side shuffle

skips (low and high)

Determine your teams depending on weights you plan to use for sleds.


1: Metcon (Time)

Split up into 3 total teams:

On a 35 minute Clock:

2 mile Sled Drag

+ 100 (2 plates+10) on big sleds

+ 180 (3 plates) on little sled
Treat this as work hard/recover. May partner up on the sled if unable to move that weight. May switch to sled push on larger sleds as well.

Coach will divide teams evenly by size. Line up tallest to shortest.

2: Metcon (Calories)


With remaining time, Bike as many calories as possible.
sprint and switch often. Same teams as sleds.


calf stretch


forward fold

up dog

seated straddle