TACFIT 07/22/19

Five Lakes CrossFit – TACFIT

it is Qual week!

Clubbell Strength Mobility 1 (No Measure)

– Rolling Shoulder Blades

– Hitchhiker

– Cat/Cow

– Arm Thread

– Arm Screw

– Walking Seal

TACFIT pushup (AMRAP – Reps)

skill work

1. Wrist warm up

2. Shoulder activation: push, pack, squeeze

3. Plank: start with hands under shoulders, then try hands in line with chest. Make sure to engage lower abs and glutes, and squeeze legs together (feet do not need to be touching).

4. Pushup negatives: lower until elbows touch ribs, then drop knees

5. Fractional pushups: lower under control until elbows touch ribs , push back up part way, then drop knees.

6. Full TACFIT pushup

Max set TACFIT pushups!

SCALED: record how many scaled pushups done in one set and note scaling

RX: record how many full TACFIT pushups done in one set

RX+: record how many special pushups done in one set and what type

TACFIT Fatal Five (AMRAP – Reps)

30/30 x 4

– Clubbell Front Swipe

– Spinal Rocks

– Paralette Press

– Bent Double Clubell Row

– Clubbell Shoulder Park Squat

Clubbell Compensation (No Measure)

Downward Facing Dog

Sleeping Warrior


Upward Facing Dog

Seated Spinal Twist