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Five Lakes TACFIT

Join the KIDS and TEENS Summer Camp – July and August Sessions

2018 Kids and Teens Summer Camp

What are Five Lakes CrossFit classes like?

Floor Work

At Five Lakes CrossFit each hour-long class is coach-led from warm up to cool down. Each individual athlete is moving at their own pace and ability level within the structure of the class, which is divided into four sections. Each session throughout the day is the same, but the components of the session vary from one day to the next.

      • Warm Up
      • Skill Practice
      • Main Workout
      • Cool Down

What are the facilities like at Five Lakes CrossFit?

Our box is spacious, clean and organized! There are designated areas for adult and kids/teens classes; as well as 4 bathrooms, 2 showers, a kitchen and an area for children and families to hang out!

Is anything besides CrossFit offered?

TACFITIn addition to CrossFit, we offer CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Teens, TACFIT, FlowFit and Mobility classes. We believe that CrossFit is an excellent way to improve your fitness, and here at Five Lakes we like to take the wellness, mobility and recovery aspects to another level. Each of our programs lend themselves to the other.

No weaknesses go unaddressed here at Five Lakes CrossFit whether it’s your raw strength or flexibility and range of motion. If you take advantage of our multiple programs, you’ll see each aspect of your athleticism improve beyond what you thought possible.

Does the gym have classes for all levels of fitness?

Each class is designed to challenge athletes of all experience and ability levels. That means that whether you’ve been an athlete your entire life, are just recently seeking an avenue for fitness, or are recovering from an injury, you can be successful here!

It is the coaches’ job to modify movements/workouts appropriately for individuals’ specific needs. We are well trained, highly experienced and honestly just enjoy the challenge of modifying workouts so that everyone gets a challenge and everyone feels successful at the end of a class.