FlowFit is a series of fluid movements working your body

Fluid Movements
FlowFit is a series of fluid movements working your body in the 6 degrees of freedom.  With these movements the body is free to move from top to bottom in all directions and planes. You discover that using breath, fluidity, balance, control, mental acuity and mindfulness you reduce stress. This unique program acts as a reset button for your brain and body.
Familiar Movements
You’ll experience poses similar to those done in traditional yoga, martial arts, and Pilates, as well as other unconventional movements that set this program apart as you’ll learn to move seamlessly through them in a stress free, fun environment.
Movements to Benefit All Fitness Levels
FlowFit is accessible to people of all activity levels. From the very fit athlete to those new to exercise, people with post-injury rehabilitation and even those with physical and learning “disabilities.” There is an exercise option and flow sequence available for any fitness level and physical capacity.

No weights, just your body and the Flow.
Sunday at 9:30am

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