Five Lakes CrossFit – Mobility

Five Lakes CrossFit – Mobility
Revive Flow (Time)
30 seconds each movement

– Neck Glide to Anchored Bridge Shoulder

– Sleeping Warrior Scap Twist, Prone Shoulder Circle, Arm Thread/Screw

– Drill Bit, Screw Up, Gear Up, Hammer

– Hand Glove, Walking Seal, Finger Roll, Jellyfish

– Spinal Cat Cow, Jump Rope, Lunge Twist, Hamstring Toe

– Windshield Wiper, Hip Hurdler, Shinbox Twist, Extension

– Ankle Shin Squat, Internal Ankle Roll, Exterior Flex, Flatfoot Switch
Thrive Flow (AMRAP – Rounds)
Shinbox to Half-Butterfly

Corpse to Arm Thread Plow

Seal Arm Screw Spinal Rock

Sphinx Cat-Cow Bird Dog

Shin Lunge to Twisted Warrior

Prone to Shoulder Bridge to Low Squat

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