TACFIT was originally developed for people with high stress jobs

TACFIT was originally developed for people with high stress jobs, such as Police, Firefighters and Military. It served not only as an effective and efficient fitness workout, but also as a training tool to help those people deal with high stress situations. Now, TACFIT is used by and is equally effective for civilians.

What makes TACFIT such an effective stress management tool is its focus on recovery. Breathing and other recovery techniques are used throughout and after each workout with the goal of reducing the heart rate as quickly as possible. The alternating intervals of intense exertion and recovery mimic stressful situations in daily life.

Stress, whether the cause is work, relationships, danger, or physical exertion, causes our heart rates to rise above what is optimal for brain function, and has been proven to cause long-term health problems. Practicing reducing the heart rate after a difficult workout trains the body to do the same thing naturally outside of the gym, with both immediate and lasting benefits.
Mobility and Compensation
Prime your joints for action before you start each workout, and you’ll be able to do more, with far less pain. Our joints need to move through their full range of motion daily, to maintain optimum health – but for many of us, daily life doesn’t provide this therapeutic effect. Fitness Unlocked uses TACFIT/CST methods to restore joint mobility and health.
Post-workout, we use Compensatory Movement to shut down over-stimulated muscle groups to restore their natural resting length. This helps to prevent soreness, and promote growth and healing.
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