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Kat Haberlack


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I found CrossFit later in life in 2012, after having my son. My friend had raved about it and convinced me to give it a try as I was looking for a fitness journey that would keep me on my toes and be FUN. I refused to workout if I wasn’t having a blast; even on rough days.

My main motivation then was to prevent diabetes and other family history diseases; especially after having been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes while pregnant. Of course that motivation also changed to wanting to keep up with my kids who have boundless energy as well as improve my body image and health as I had a history of depression/anxiety and eating disorders. I haven’t looked back since then.

CrossFit gave me a new view on health, fitness and mental clarity with the bonus of a fitness family that never lets me give up even when I feel like I’ve hit my limit!


When I moved to Michigan, I discovered Five Lakes Crossfit and learned all about TACFIT, FlowFit and Mobility and how they could all help hand in hand to make me the athlete I’ve always dreamed of becoming. After having a few years of CrossFit under my belt, increased my exposure to the other programs, I felt it was time to take the plunge and become a coach. The certifications were challenging, physically demanding tests but highly enriching and motivating.

With these tools I knew I could help others realize their goals, motivate them to find their fitness path and encourage them to step out of their comfort zones. My life found a new purpose: coaching.


My passion has most recently shifted toward helping the younger generation realize that fitness is fun, enriching and effortless when they find THEIR passion. I’m hoping that they will learn what I did, but earlier in life and carry these lessons as they continue to grow. Probably the most rewarding aspect as a Mom was seeing my daughter’s eyes grow with excitement when she finally was successful in a difficult movement she thought she’d never succeed at. That right there made my whole journey worth it. Can’t wait to continue getting reactions such as this with other kids in the community.

Even though I hope to inspire kids, they really inspire me and that is one of the best gifts being a coach!

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