This “No Classes” membership offers you 7000 square feet of space and all the equipment you could want. Our Open Gym ONLY Membership is the answer to all your fitness-during-a-pandemic needs.

Workout without the crowds. Five Lakes CrossFit is bringing social distancing to a new level. We have a brand new KEYLESS ENTRY system that allows for exclusive, secure access to the gym 24/7.

Benefits to keyless entry:

  1. Security: the door locks behind you and remains locked so that only others with the mobile pass may enter
  2. Flexibility: 24/7 access means you can get your workout in whenever it works for your hectic schedule
  3. Safety: 7000+ sq feet of space as your personal playground. You can check the sign-ups to see what times are wide open so you can be alone if you want, or coordinate with another member for added fun and if you want to lift heavy (buddy system for safety!)