Cindy Persitz

Cindy Persitz




My name is Cindy Persitz.  I started CrossFit in November 2014 initially to support my daughter, Liz, when she and the other owners opened Five Lakes CrossFit; however, the support and encouragement of the coaches and other athletes and the emphasis on correct form and safety got me hooked.

CrossFit to TACFIT in 2015

Then I started TACFIT in April 2015 and immediately discovered that I not only enjoyed the different movements and protocols, but appreciated the various levels that are available so that every level of athlete can fully participate and get the maximum benefit from the workout. I love that the program has checks and balances to ensure that you develop symmetrically rather than one-dimensional. I also appreciate the emphasis TACFIT places on recovery and find those techniques useful outside of the gym, too.

Mother/Daughter TACFIT Team

I became a TACFIT instructor in November 2016 and now Liz and I are the first, and so far, only mother/daughter TACFIT instructor team in the world! As a coach, I love being able to help other athletes achieve a new-found confidence and sense of accomplishment. There’s a sheer joy that emanates from them when they conquer a new movement or increase a weight or number of reps or decrease their heart rate.

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