Eric Twigg

Eric Twigg


  • FlowFit
  • Circular Strength Training
  • Yoga


Through years of personal exploration, it has become very clear to me, that we are all capable of much more than we believe or envision.

My life values and goals that guide me are to BUILD and OPTIMIZE the following:

  • BODY of boundless energy
  • MIND of imagination
  • FAMILY of cooperation
  • FUTURE of freedom
  • SPIRIT of the eagle

I really enjoy expanding the boundaries of my physical and mental performance.  And of course, doing this with friends and family.

Coaching and Fitness

I am ready to share what I have learned in practicing and coaching TACFIT, FlowFit and Yoga for more than 15 years.  What we don’t like doing is probably what we need most in our fitness practice. My coaching and fitness approach includes:

  • Breath, Structure (technique) and Movement.
  • Listen and watch my students – learn what they want and need.
  • Mindset for workouts and competing:  PRACTICE strengths and IDENTIFY opportunities to improve.
  • Mobility and recovery is critical to health-first fitness.
  • Support all movements with efficient and effective breathing.

The key to fitness success:  Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and GORUCK

My most recent personal challenges are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self-defense + competitions and GORUCK carrying a weighted backpack and doing PT over a 6 to 12-hour course.

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